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Connor Joseph Dorrell is BORN! - by Mark | September 28, 2005, 08:12:14 PM
On September 28, 2005 at 5:37 pm, Connor Joseph Dorrell was born in Kirksville, MO.

7 lbs 1 oz.
21" long

Gomer (Adam) called me at 8:00pm tonight and asked me to send out this notice for him...pics will hopefully be sent out in a day or two.  Mother and baby are doing great.  Cheryl had a C-section after being induced.  Turns out the baby's umbilical cord was wrapped around his little head twice with a knot, so it is a good thing a c-section was performed.  No need to worry though because baby Dorrell screamed like a champ after coming out, and he scored 9 out of 10 on the Apgar score.

You can call the two happy parents on their cell phone, but try not to call after 10pm.

Gomer and Cheryl's Cell Phone: 660-216-7953
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Wyatt Update - by Mark | September 18, 2005, 01:15:48 PM
Last Monday night Kim and I attended Baptismal Class at St. Pius X in Cedar Rapids. Wyatt was very good throughout the whole class.  Kim and I learned what Baptism meant, which was interesting for me, since being raised Catholic, I assumed I already knew everything. Well, I was sorely mistaken, and I guess it was good to get some refresher on this sacrament.

For those that do not know, Kim is not Catholic, but she agreed before we got married our children would be raised Catholic.  Neither of us is truly very "religious", but the older I get the more convinced I am that a person's soul should be nurtured as much as their mind.  My hope is that raising Wyatt Catholic, as I was, will help all of us become closer as a family.  I have taken Wyatt to Church the last two weeks, and he loves to watch all the people singing and talking back to the priest. Of course about 45 minutes into Mass he is usually ready to go home.

One of the more interesting things I never thought about until we attended the Baptismal class, was how recently Catholics were persecuted even in our own country.  The KKK is a prime example here, as well as some politicians like JFK, whom some people thought would take orders from the Pope.  Also, there are many places in the world were being a Catholic would endager ones life....I am looking towards China and the Middle East for example. Sad

In any case, Wyatt will be baptised soon, I think it will be the first weekend of November.  We will be formally notifying everyone soon.  My brother, Jim, and sister, Lisa, have agreed to be the godparents.

Finally, a quick update on development.  Wyatt continues to improve his hand-eye coordination at an amazing rate. Every day I can see dramatic improvements. He usually sleeps 7-9 hours at night, which has been a god send to both Kim and I.  He smiles great big and laughs when he is in a good mood, and that almost makes the 10 weeks of no sleep worth it. Tongue  Everyone says that more fun is coming as he grows up, as well as more trials and tribulations.  Some days I am amazed I am a father, and no one asked for blood samples, psychiatric evaluations, or written parenting tests. But Kim is a great Mommy and I hope I am being a great Daddy. It sure will be fun to hear Wyatt say Daddy for the first time.
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Wyatt: Developmental Update - by Mark | September 08, 2005, 07:35:59 AM
Well....it has been some time since I have updated everyone on Wyatt's progress towards adulthood.

In the past few weeks Wyatt has slowly been learning how to coordinate his hands and arms. Over the past weekend he successfully started graspoing things placed in front of him. It was very funny to watch him concentrate so hard on grasping.

Also, Wyatt discovered his feet a couple weeks ago while traveling in his car seat. Again, it was very funny to see the look of wonder on his face while he watched his feet move around.

Wyatt is able to control his head pretty good now which makes carrying him around much easier. And he even rolled over from his tummy to his back at his 2 month doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago.

About one week ago Wyatt started sleeping 9 hours at a time. I did not want to say anything because I was afraid I would jinx it. It has been very nice to sleep all night long, and I hope Wyatt keeps this up.

Oh yes....one other final note....Wyatt stopped peeing every 4 minutes about two weeks ago, which is also very nice because the number of diaper changes has dropped significantly. I think the 2 - 3 month mark is turning out to be very significant for Wyatt's development and it seems to be acclerating faster by the day. I am sure he will be walking and talking before either Kim or I are prepared for it.
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Wyatt gets the needle! - by Mark | August 26, 2005, 03:11:14 PM
Today Wyatt had his first rounds of shots. Kim said Wyatt did not really enjoy the experience. The doctor says he is growing well and has excellant head control. He is currently 23 inches long, his head circumference is 40 cm, and he weighed about 12 and 1/2 pounds. This puts him in the 50th percentile on growth charts which means is a pretty average baby for his age group.

Kim and I are planning to spend Labor day weekend in Wisconsin visiting her Mommy. I am not looking forward to the drive, but I suppose it is our turn to make the trip.

Wyatt will be getting baptised sometime in the next couple of months. We are going to ask my sister, Lisa, and brother, Jim, to be the Godparents. Once we know the details, we will be sure to let everyone know...and anyone is welcome to come and attend the Baptism.
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Cheryl and Gomer's Baby Shower - by kim | August 22, 2005, 07:47:11 PM
Last weekend Mark, Wyatt and I traveled to St. Louis for Cheryl and Gomer's baby shower.  Wyatt got passed around and got to meet everyone for the first time.  We all had lots of fun.  It was also Wyatt's first keg party.  He was a light weight and out by 9 pm.  Thats ok cause it left Mark and me time to visit and socialize more. Wyatt was good to his parents that  night by sleeping till 3:30 then after a bit of fussing ended up in bed with us and sleeping till 9.  I'll post the pictures in Wyatt's photo album of the shower.  I went to the Mommy and me class today and Wyatt is up to a hefty 12 lbs and 1 oz.  We have a dr. appt. on friday at 11 for his first round of shots.  So I am sure I'll have a fussy baby then. Shocked Shocked Baby
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Lamaze reunion - by kim | August 14, 2005, 08:49:04 PM
Mark, Wyatt, and I went to our lamaze reunion Saturday night. We have some great pictures that will be going up on the website in the next couple days. It was very funny to see 8 babies all lined up on a couch side by side. 7 out of 10 mother's had C-sections, and thankfully everyone is healthy and normal.

The couple who hosted the party had awesome food and it was nice to see that everyone is adjusting pretty well to parenthood.

This weekend Mark, Wyatt, and I will be heading down to St. Louis to attend Gomer and Cheryl's baby shower and visit some family. It will be very cool to pass little Wyatt around to other people, because he is starting to get pretty heavy.


As promised here is a picture of the 8 lamaze babies all lined up on a couch! Can you tell which one is Wyatt?

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Mommy and Me Results - by Mark | August 09, 2005, 08:26:09 AM
Kim attended her first Mommy and Me class yesterday morning. Little Wyatt weighed 11 lbs. 6 ozs. Kim said he slept almost the entire class. Wyatt continues to make amazing developmental strides. The last 10 days have been dramatic. Wyatt has begun smiling and laughing much more regularly than before. Also, it is easy to tickle him, and he sometimes likes rasberries on his belly.

Kim and I went to St. Louis over the weekend to attend a friends wedding, so Wyatt was cared for by his Granny. She did an excellent job in our absence and luckily he still takes the breast after 48 hours of constant bottle feedings. It was nice to be Mark and Kim over the weekend instead of Mommy and Daddy.

Kim's incision is looking almost completely healed now. She goes back to the doctor for her final follow up next week. Wyatt will also be having his 2 month checkup in the next week or so and should be getting his first round of shots.

Our lamaze class is have a reunion with all the babies this Saturday, so I should have a very funny picture of like 15 babies all lined up together after the party.

Kim, Wyatt, and I will be heading back down to St. Louis in a couple weekends to attend Gomer and Cheryl's baby shower. It will be little Wyatt's first "Kegger", and I know all of our friends are very anxious to see him. I am also going to try and stop by and visit my dear older sister Lisa and visit her family as well.

PS...You can find all the latest pictures of Wyatt here: Wyatt's Photo Album
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Kim's 6 week followup - by Mark | August 01, 2005, 02:48:43 PM
Today Kim had her 6 week follup up with her doctor. The checkup went very well. The doctor said Kim is healing well and there are no signs of trouble. The small location on Kim's scar that is not fully healed should slowly fix itself up. The doctor put some silver nitrate on the wound to promote skin growth and scheduled Kim for a follow up visit in two weeks.

Wyatt continues his growth well. He is now 6 weeks 1 day old and weighs somewhere around 11-12 pounds. I have been weighing him at home on a standard scale so it is not too accurate. He has some good nights of sleep and some bad still. Last week Kim and I were graced with two nights of 5+ hours of sleep. Although he has regressed a bit the last 4-5 days. He seems to only be sleeping 1.5 to 2.5 hours at a time lately. We are hoping after he finishes his next growth spurt he will begin sleeping 4-5 hours at a time more regularly.

Some developmental notes:

Wyatt smiles very frequently when he is content, not tired, has a clean diaper, and not hungry. He started making frequent "cooing" sounds about 2-3 weeks ago, and they are becoming more varied in pitch and sound. He is starting to look more like daddy every day, which is a good thing because I know how much you ladies love how "smooth" looking I am! So let not your heart dispair, more hot looking Zerr look alikes are in the pipeline.

Anyways...we are still getting to the thank you cards for all the nice gifts we continue to receive and we are very thankful for them. It is tough being so far from family and friends but all the gifts, letters, and phone calls sure make it easier.

That is all for now...Kim has been pretty good about posting more pictures, as I am usually sick of computers after I get home from work. Tongue
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Wyatt photo album - by Mark | July 23, 2005, 11:59:29 AM
I posted a few pictures in the photo album area of Wyatt.  Mark is making the baby sleep right now, and Andi is up visiting us this weekend.  
Here is the link to the photo album.


Posted by Kim

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First Video of Wyatt - by Mark | July 18, 2005, 10:29:42 AM
Here is a short video of Wyatt's first bath while still in the hospital. He was only about 12 hours old when this video was shot by Granny Carolyn.

Click here for the video. (Approx. 1 MB)
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