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Author Topic: Happy V-Day!  (Read 5454 times)
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« on: February 14, 2008, 02:42:20 PM »

I hope everyone is having a lovely V-Day.  The kids are at the sitter and Mark let me sleep in this morning so its a nice and relaxing day.  Mark has been working nights trying to get a big project finished up.  It has been a bit stressfull on us, but hes still here in the evenings which is good.  I've been keeping the children from killing themselves.  Jesse has been able to climb the stairs for about a month now.  I think he thinks its a game.  "Wait till Mommy's back is turned then zoom over to the stairs and start up.  Soon as I get to the top...Dog Dish here I come!!!" 
Wyatt has been getting some speech assistance from Early Access.  She comes twice a month and plays with him for about 30 mins, and tries to get him to talk more, then gives us some papers on things we can do.  He has started to speak more, and we can occasionally understand more of what hes saying.  That may just be he's catching up, or that they are helping, not sure which.  He is still loving towards his little brother, except when Jesse is trying to steal his food, or knock down his lego's, or steal his trains.  But he's learning to share.  He's pretty good about finding something else for Jesse to have instead of whatever he is playing with.
There are relatively new pics up in their albums.  Mom has gotten on me about slacking on the picture taking..Wink  I found the camera so i'll have to try to get some more taken and uploaded.
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